The Finance Division is responsible for ensuring that all of LADA’s financial dealings comply with Financial Procedures Act.


  • Creating and managing Development Funds, Trust Funds, Investment Funds and Reserve Funds.
  • Managing funds allocated by the Federal and State government :
    • Controlling any funds paid to the Board from loans granted.
    • Managing any profits from the course of projects or enterprises undertaken by the Board.
    • Controlling any loans borrowed by LADA for the purpose of meeting financial obligations made by the Board.
    • Preparing Quarterly Financial Performance Reports to the Treasury for projects undertaken by the Board for the Malaysia Plan (Rancangan Malaysia).
  • Managing business expenses and payments, including :
    • Loans to certain parties designated by the Fund
    • Expenses incurred by the Board, such as consultant fees, legal fees, pensions and allowances, etc.
    • Expenses incurred by the Board in its performance of functions.
    • Land purchase costs for the erection of buildings or infrastructure.
    • Loan payments, including principal and interest due
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    Wednesday, 13 November 2019