This Division was established in March 2007 to conduct the affairs of Langkawi Geopark in 2007 was a year full of glorious for Langkawi Geopark Langkawi as the declaration by UNESCO on June 1, 2007, the first geopark for Southeast Asia. Langkawi Geopark must provide identity for tourism in the region. The combination of geological heritage and unique biodiversity will definitely draw more tourists to the island, where nature is quite unique and perfect.


  • Planning and coordinating human resources, finance, administration, development planning, international relations and other affairs of Langkawi Geopark.
  • Conducting research and analysis into rock composition and related geological activities to compile information for both tourists and academic researchers.
  • Establishing training programs and advisory services for the local residents to teach them ways to supplement their livelihood through sustainable eco-tourism activities.
  • Disseminating information to the public on how Langkawi fits into the UNESCO Geopark concept.
  • Ensuring the resources for a high standard of cleanliness, maintenance and monitoring of the protected geopark areas.
  • Coordinate environmental-awareness programmes with relevant agencies to protect vital eco-systems on the island from illegal poaching or deforestation.
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    Wednesday, 20 November 2019