LADA is the appointed leader for rapid progress in Langkawi. We are an agency that strives to develop the island of Langkawi in a swift but sustainable manner. In order to achieve these objectives, LADA, assisted by the Legal Unit, has devised a strategy to tighten up guidelines for corporate goals in order for appropriate projects to be selected without undue delay. The Legal Unit works to ensure that the rights and interests of all are protected and secure.


  • Providing consultation on all legal matters referred by the General Manager, Deputy General Manager and all Heads of Departments.
  • Preparing, reviewing and implementing of legal documents.
  • Reviewing agreements, contracts or MOUs (Memorandum of Understanding) submitted by government ministries or private companies.
  • Ensuring that each legal case connected with LADA is examined in detail and in accordance with Act 423 and related laws.
  • Briefing Management on each case going to court, updating the status of the case during trial and reporting on the court’s decision after the trial.
  • Acting as an intermediary with the panel-appointed attorney to ensure that all court rulings in relation to the case are implemented immediately.
  • Attending court hearings when needed.
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