The overall design of the LADA corporate logo was deliberately meant to resemble both a heart and a beehive. The beehive motif was intended to symbolize the philosophy of hard work, unity and selfless dedication towards a common goal.

The heart motif symbolizes LADA as the beating heart of progress and development in Langkawi. If you look closely, hidden in the graphics are the letters LPL, which stand for Lembaga Pembangunan Langkawi, which is the Malay name for the Langkawi Development Authority.

The sun, eagle, mountain and windsurfing elements represent Langkawi’s untamed wildlife, tropical scenery and wealth of recreational activities. The eagle was also symbolizes LADA’s aggressive leadership in the development of the island. The top of the logo is roof-shaped to signify the retention of tradition culture and values even as rural Langkawi rockets into the modern world, fueled by all the rapid infrastructure developments.

The  GREEN ,  BLUE  and  RED  colours symbolize strength and integrity.

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    Wednesday, 13 November 2019