The war to thwart the spread of COVID-19 in Malaysia is still fought by all parties to bring back peace to the country. Considering this, Langkawi Development Authority (LADA) has also taken part in helping everyone particularly the frontliners who are continuously shielding the country and people from the COVID-19 pandemic spread. Today, YBhg. Dr. Hezri Adnan, Langkawi Development Authority Chief Executive Officer with LADA CSR team comprising En. Mohd Tarmizi bin Mohd Tajuddin, En. Mohd Syafiq bin Md. Lani, and En. Mohd Shukri bin Ishak had presented the contribution to personnel at Sultanah Maliha Hospital, Langkawi. The programme is a part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) elements of the agency. Langkawi Sultanah Maliha Hospital Director, Dr. Mansor Ismail together with the hospital personnel appreciated and warmly received the contribution, which came in the form of sets of lunch for 200 hospital personnel. It is therefore hoped that such small contribution from LADA managed to restore the frontliners’ strength and patience in facing the calamity of COVID-19. In the same session, Dr. Hezri Adnan also deeply thanked all frontliners for the undivided commitment and fight they have been putting up against the COVID-19 spread to ensure Langkawi community stays free and safe from the virus. Let us pray and leave things to Allah SWT for the return of peace and tranquillity to Malaysia, and may everyone stay safe under His protection.