Kuala Sungai Melaka, 24th March 2021 – A launching ceremony for Langkawi Cyclotourism Trail and Introduction of Ridescape @ Kuala Sungai Melaka, Langkawi was held today. LADA has identified a new tourism product concept to be publicised under Langkawi Economy Roadmap Plan (HELANG).
An initiative named as Langkawi Cyclotourism is introduced in line with the plan’s 8th strategy that is Focused Tourism Promotion under the thrust Local Culture and Sustainability.

Langkawi Cyclotourism is a concept whereby visitors can tour on bikes while exploring nature and enjoying tourism products as well as the locals’ culture and lifestyle.

Two initiatives have been planned to realise Langkawi Cyclotourism. The first one is the Reopening of Cycling Track at Kuala Sungai Melaka, a product of collaboration between LADA, Langkawi District Office, Langkawi Municipal Council Tourism City (MPLBP), and Padang Matsirat community. The length of the cycling track is 2.4 km, with a breath-taking background vista of mangrove forest and paddy field.

The second initiative is the publication of Langkawi Cyclotourism Trail Pamphlet which contains basic information regarding Cyclotourism trails or paths. The pamphlet also provides other related information on cycling sales centres and repairing services in Langkawi.

It is therefore hoped that this new tourism concept will be able to open new economic opportunities for the locals, hence recovering the severely affected global economy due to the spread of COVID-19.