A former flight attendant Encik Muhammad Firdaus bin Jamaludin has stood up against the challenges of COVID-19 pandemic ever since it started by venturing into an entirely new field to him – the project of rock melon cultivation through fertigation. Being inexperienced in agriculture is not an excuse for him to give up the newly discovered opportunity. In fact, he decided to rise back up and seize the chance by increasing his knowledge through participating in the Rock Melon Fertigation Cultivation Management Course.

Encik Muhammad Firdaus has received business start-up fund under New Economic Opportunities (PEB) of LADA’s Langkawi Economy Roadmap Plan (HELANG) and is working on increasing the number of his farming pots. Bearing in mind the determination he keeps to commercially reintroduce Golden Langkawi Melon, let us support his journey and pray for his success in this agronomic endeavour.