On 20th February 2020, Langkawi Development Authority (LADA) had invited YB Deputy Minister of Finance cum LADA Board of Directors Joint Chairman to deliver his message to LADA workforce for the year 2020. In this ceremony, the minister focused on a few key subjects, among which was to ensure all officers and staff understand the foundational functions and responsibilities of LADA to guarantee that the planning executed follows the scope of roles designated to the agency. Tourism field that is the soul to Langkawi’s economy will continuously be given attention to even in the future. It was also informed during the ceremony that year 2019 had recorded the entry of 3.92 million tourists with an increase of 8.1 percent compared to the previous year.

Therefore, in conjunction with the declaration of 2020 as Visit Malaysia Year, it is highly anticipated that Langkawi will receive the arrival of more tourists this year. The government is targeting the arrival of 30 million tourists with an income of RM100 billion. This clearly shows the eminent roles played by LADA and Langkawi in contributing towards government’s target achievement seeing how the latter is known as a world tourism island.

Furthermore, it was also suggested for LADA to observe how less prioritised field, for instance, organic farming, can be developed here. In this case, human capital development, community well-being, and entrepreneurial development affairs should also be consolidated to suit Langkawi community. This is done to ensure that the community will also be entitled to benefit from the wealth of economy and development on the Mahsuri land. There is also a need to focus on local community social development to balance the industry and community development in Langkawi.

An excellent organisation will deliver eminent workers. Therefore, all staff were urged to work diligently on their daily duties and tasks in the office as working itself is an ibadah or an act of reverence to Allah swt. Working closely as a team will help lessen weaknesses and gap of difference between everyone, therefore guaranteeing a harmonious and positive work surrounding.