Langkawi Development Authority (LADA) in collaboration with Langkawi District Education Office (PPD) had organised the Psychomotor & Psychosocial Skills Programme for Special Needs Students of Langkawi District Secondary Schools from 19th February until 22nd April 2020 (nine sessions) at Lawn Bowls Court, Langkawi Sports Complex.

Psychomotor skill is a domain covering physical movement and coordination demeanours, motor skills, and physical abilities of an individual. Starting from the lowest level of imitation until adaptation, psychomotor skill is highly crucial in the teaching and learning of special children or special needs students.

Psychosocial skill is equally important to guarantee good mental health of the special children. It is achievable through learning while playing and involves out of school scope with local community and residents.

The programme is organised as an initiative by LADA to provide opportunities for the special children to be involved with activities outside the scope of classroom.

Every session will be joined by 25 secondary school special needs students in Langkawi district along with two teaching staff from LADA.