On 21st to 25th May 2021, LADA CEO Tuan Nasaruddin Abdul Mutalib accompanied by a few officers of the agency had conducted a site visit to some locations under LADA’s administration to monitor the progress of several on-going projects. The following are some locations involved and the respective follow-up actions to be implemented:

1. Geopark Discovery Centre at Kampung Kilim
Action: Repairing of defects by contractor involved should be executed as soon as possible through coordination with Public Works Department (JKR).

2. MIEC Hall Upgrading Project at Padang Matsirat
Action: Matters regarding consultant appointment and work plan timeline shall be given careful attention to ensure designing works can commence immediately.

3. Visit to project by Sentoria Group Berhad
Action: Identification of follow-up actions to settle a few raised issues.

4. Kota Mahsuri Auditorium Construction Project
Action: Preparation of recovery plan by contractor involved as well as supplement of workforce at construction site will be dealt with at once and monitored by JKR.

5. Bridge Construction Project at Sungai Perangin
Action: Contractor is required to submit project recovery plan as well as coordinate proximately the utilities transferring work with JKR.

6. Lavatory Construction Project at Tasik Dayang Bunting
Action: Some improvement suggestions had been presented to contractor engaged which include supplement of workforce at project site and presentation of project recovery plan.

7. Kuah Tourism Jetty Upgrading Project
Action: LADA had proposed some improvements to be implemented such as identification of comprehensive management strategies along with prompt consultant appointment.

Such sessions held will be continued from time to time to ensure all LADA projects can smoothly proceed.